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Whip a “foodie” mindset into your marketing planning


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Finally, a challenge I’m over-prepared for!

The experts have weighed in.

There’s a new ingredient to mix into our communication strategies.

Oh, we’re familiar with the traditional fare.

You know, those communications where we aim for –
Sweet, not sour.
Satisfying, without any after-taste.
And high in health, low in calories.

But now there’s another kind of icing on the cake we can’t ignore.

Of course, we all want our marketing tactics to be DO-ABLE.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.19.59 PMBut it’s not enough.

We also must make them SNACKABLE.

And the stickier, the better.

That’s what it takes today to make our messages memorable.

People aren’t into heavy “big meal” communications anymore.

They want engaging and useful information delivered in bite-sized snacks.

This is just my luck!

I like big meals.
(As rare as they are.)

But I guess there’s a bright side.

There’ll be fewer leftovers.

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