It’s “Two-for-One” Friday! – SCN Encourager 5/17/2013

“Two-for-One?” Isn’t” “one” more than enough? 

Yeah, I know I’m pushing my luck. Sending you an Encourager with TWO items may be a bit much. But I think you’ll like them. Each has a good point to make – something I can’t guarantee on most days.

This article from Seth Godin speaks directly to school communicators. He highlights the knowledge and skill embodied by an “experienced river pilot.” This resembles much of what we do.

Please don’t think I’m mooring Godin to my own experience in guiding a river boat, let alone a canoe. That would come under a different banner.

Whenever my wife and I canoe, the river may be 1/4 mile wide, and if there’s one big rock sticking up in the middle, we’ll hit it! So my canoe navigation ability falls more into the “power of focus” category.

I see the rock. I’m no-where near it. Time is on my side. I plan to avoid a collision. I scan ahead and make the necessary maneuvers. But it’s too late. The rock has become the sole object of my attention. The result is inevitable. Whammo! (You, too?)

Anyway, enjoy Godin. He values the role of “experience.” Both yours and mine.

Now… onto item numero dos.

This link will take you to an article about “Snapchat.”

Once again, I’m afraid that many of you may already know this, but this was “new news” to me … so I apologize if I’m calling out to you from the back of the parade.

But this Snapchat update points out that all of our students who are using Snapchat to keep things private and “in the moment” may be wrong. (A big “oops” might be ahead for them.)

So, in short. I’m lousy in a canoe, with or without a paddle. And I’m not much better at technology.

Yep, I’ve got the right qualifications to offer these recommendations.

Tom Page. SCN
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