My journey toward average – SCN Encourager 9/19/2013

The poster I saw in one of our schools is true.

“We grow from our mistakes.”

This is great news for me because it affirms that the fuel for my commitment to improve my professional skills (and share them with you) is sustainable.

An enviable genetic history or a rich uncle isn’t required. (Longed for – but not required.)

I recently heard Jill Konrath talk about all of the communications clutter in our midst.

Her expertise is in sales and she has written a couple of best-sellers on the topic.

Communications clutter is not a new concept to any of us, no doubt.  Heck, even I’m aware of it.

What Jill said both surprised… and challenged me, though.

She said that we should lean into the clutter and try to increase our “contact points” with our targeted audiences 10-12 times.

Attempting to connect with your intended audiences the traditional “7” times just doesn’t work anymore.

10 to 12 times?  Is she kidding?


Jill said that planning a strategic CAMPAIGN is the only way to effectively carry this out. And, oh yeah, make sure to lay it all out in writing, I almost forgot this step. (Mistake corrected. Wow! I’m really growing!)

She said that preparing a good campaign is not about brainstorming a list of more stuff.

On top of our newsletters, flyers, posters, letters mailed home, pocket schedules, game programs, and so on… we shouldn’t lop on even more “reading materials” like billboards, table toppers, or skywriting in the clouds.

She recommends getting to your 10-12 contacts by expanding your strategic approaches, not just adding to your current pile of stuff.

Think beyond “written words and phrases” and include audio and video.

She would even argue that life actually becomes easier when you do.

For example, let’s say our intended audience is our high school parents.

She would advise us to connect with them weekly by producing one written piece, one short video, and one radio show or podcast.

Do these three things every week like clockwork and bingo! In one month’s time you’ve attempted 12 strategically planned contacts.

I’m pretty sure that what Jill is telling us will work.

And how do I know?

Well, my old ways and thinking are already pushing back against it.

I like my “stuff”… and the thought of being on video for even a few seconds terrifies me.

And everyone else as well.

Maybe the Halloween season would be the ideal time to begin making some new mistakes.

Tom Page, SCN
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