Happy July 4th! Are you celebrating these 8 blessings today? – SCN Encourager

Freedom (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder.

So I’ve got to ask you.

Freedom png3 at 7.35.47 PMWhat will you behold today?

What are you going to be especially mindful of today?

Your family, faith, friends, and country?

I’m guessing those are everyone’s Top Four.

(They’re mine as well.)

But since many of us go back to work tomorrow, I wondered if there were four more “freedom blessings” we could carry with us into Tuesday, July 5th.

What would be your additional four?

Here are mine:

#5  We have the Freedom to Risk.
We don’t have to play it safe.
Sure, sometimes we do.
Sometimes we may not even have a choice.
But there are no chains keeping us in our comfort zone.

#6  We have the Freedom to Grow.
We don’t have to stay put.
We can move up, down, back, or away.
We never have to stop “becoming.”
It’s scary when you think about it.

#7  We have the Freedom to Apply.
Knowledge isn’t power, you know.
The application of knowledge is power.
So we can do more than just receive and learn.
We also have the power to give and serve.

#8  We have the Freedom to Appreciate.
We have people who stand with and by us.
And sometimes without any good reason. (as in my case!)
But they’re there for us… for whatever and whenever.
And appreciating them is our insurance from being alone.

Now if I was going to add one more “freedom blessing,” I’d make YOU my #9.

Although I’m grateful for your willingness to put up with me and check-in with the Encourager every now and then, I struggled to compose four pithy sub-points in the same format I used for freedom blessings 5-8.

So I just capped it off at #8 and gave up.

I really feel bad about this.

After all, you took the time to read this. (Thank you!)

If only I was more talented… trust me, you would’ve made the cut!

But have a wonderful Independence Day anyway!

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