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Kevin Bacon isn’t as accommodating.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 5.44.08 PMYou’d almost think he realizes how hard school communicators work to please this generation.

No one doubts that the unique psychographic profile of millennials routinely vexes every school communicator attempting to meet their pervasive looking-for-an-edge “school chooser” orientation.

But establishing ongoing conversations about our schools with millennials is critical.

So inspired by a few words of wisdom from dear ol’ mom while growing up, I previously listed five ways we should adapt our communications to get in their good graces.

1.  Be smart with your message. Millennials like to plan and set goals.
2.  Have fun. Play. Add whimsy. Millennials aren’t rebellious.
3.  Create flexible messages. Millennials check their devices 24/7.
4.  Ask questions. Promote engagement. Millennials are sharers.
5.  Build value. Foster trust. Millennials don’t chase the cheapest.

Implementing all five of these ways – or just a few of them – is dang difficult if I do say so myself.

When school budgets are tight… we school communicators really shouldn’t overdo the “having fun and stirring up whimsy” thing.

Co-workers might get the wrong impression.

That’s why I’m glad Kevin Bacon stands up for the 1980’s and gives millennials a piece of his mind.

And if you think he might be venting for you, too – check out this 2 minute clip.


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