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Google probably knows me better than my wife and kids!

11 Reg Google 2014-08-07 at 9.51.06 AMIt’s weird to think about.

How Google has automated more than the speedy-kwik access to information… to now use all of its connections to also move into the realm of relationship building.

I had never thought about this before, but last Thursday was my birthday.

My birthday used to be fun about 20 years ago.

My youngest daughter would usually “attempt” to make me a manly-man breakfast.

My middle daughter would run outside, scoop up the morning paper, and then help serve the manly-man breakfast.

And my oldest daughter would help Cindy prepare for the big family shindig later in the day.

But on Birthday 2014 my house is empty.

Okay, not totally empty (thankfully.)

Sure, Cindy does her best – but she’s reluctant now about whipping up a manly-man breakfast of my requested foods that I “really shouldn’t be eating at all anymore.”

She said she’d do it for me IF I’d actually define the meaning of “manly-man” for her once and for all, though.

She’s always been curious.

Seemed like a decent compromise.

But I knew I couldn’t do it with a straight face, so what was the point?

Just skip it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.11.59 PMI couldn’t even ask our dog Macie to scamper out to the driveway and pick up the morning paper.

I now get my news online.

Dang it!

Birthday 2014 was turning into a downer.

But then along came Google!

When I powered up my laptop at home early Thursday morning… imagine my shock when I saw this.
11 Birthday 2014-08-07 at 9.47.23 AMAw, how kind… big data remembered.

So, I guess there’s always room for new birthday traditions.

We all have to learn – unlearn – and relearn things at one time or another, don’t we?

Receiving “Happy Birthday” texts from my daughters is not something I’ll ever get used to, however.

Especially the one “And dad… where are you taking us all out for dinner tonight? What time?”


That sure wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago, either.

But our family still got together as it always does.

And as long as that keeps happening, all is good.


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