I didn’t know taking the lazy way out could be this much fun! – SCN Encourager

(Actually I did… but I’m trying to beef up my online résumé.)

There’s no escape.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.26.16 PMYou can’t run away from your online history.

So, I’ve kicked off a mad campaign to insert specific key phrases into all of my future blog posts guaranteed to leave future readers (like grandkids or frantic creditors) with the impression I rarely wasted time, procrastinated, and goofed off.

I’ve got no other choice.

I’ve just got to get my online “reader impressions” survey back in balance.

Starting today!

But it’ll take inserting literally hundreds of strategically placed “image building” phrases into the Encourager to stem the tide.

Feedback can be so cruel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.38.23 PMCurrently, a confidential cyberspace opinion survey indicates that 78% of my blogs leave readers with the impression that I’m a hopeless knucklehead.

Another 15% reported that my Encouragers consistently provided many useful insights …  but only from Cindy!

And the remaining 7% simply referenced the timeless wisdom of their mothers – something about what you must do “if you can’t say anything nice…”

So, my options are limited.

I hope you’ll be kind and just go with the flow whenever you run across random phrases like the following.

(And I’m not inserting them in for you, remember… but for readers in the year 2027 and beyond.)

•  Although I was too busy to return Steve Jobs’ phone calls…
•  Al Kaline must’ve appreciated knowing he could text me for baseball advice…
•  I was always glad to see Warren Buffet make investment decisions without me…
•  Now “If Dancing with the Stars” had only been on TV one more season, I…

Pretty clever tactic, don’tcha think?

Scattering image-building phrases throughout my future blog posts is bound to get my online history where I need it to be.

Now – while I still haven’t shifted out of “lazy mode” yet – I’ve got to tell you about a nifty website domain name generator.

Say good-bye to the drudgery of brainstorming domain names over pizza and beer!

What I’m going to show you is better and quicker.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.40.06 PMIt’s called Lean Domain Search.

And it generates a long list of possible and available dot.com domain names for every targeted keyword you choose to enter, like learning, football, robotics, or homework.

Not only does Lean Domain Search churn out creative listings of available domain names, it’ll also tell you if the @Twitter handle is available, too.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.29.13 PMI hope you’ll find this super fun whiz-bang tool helpful.

Are you thinking about starting a new club of some kind?

This tool will give you some ideas about what to call it, whether you need a domain name or not.

The tool is not for me, though.

My extreme work ethic will not allow me the luxury of resorting to tech shortcuts.

In sharp contrast to most of my peers, I prefer to work up a good sweat and brainstorm website domain names using markers, masking tape, and different colored chart paper.

I’ll even work around the clock if I have to.

And YOU can help me further by tweeting out portions of these descriptions ASAP.

No one would believe them otherwise.

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