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I take comfort in the knowledge we’re not alone


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-6-30-47-amEven “emojis” are subject to red-tape and regulation.

(And their own version of 3rd party hoop-jumping!)

While I understand the need for the various certifications in our industry, I never realized emojis must similarly receive the official approval of the worldwide Unicode Technical Committee.

I just assumed creative visual types whipped up their teeny-tiny emotional expressions and clicked “send.”


Apparently like everything else in life, there’s a process.

Which means there’s gotta be some kind of regulator somewhere watching your every move.

Take a gander at this.
I pulled it from the official “EmojiPedia.”









Not only do you get the official name of the emoji, a description, when it was approved by Unicode, and immediate access to it – you also receive its aliases.


I get less information back from my doctor after a blood test!

At any rate, I’m happy I discovered EmojiPedia right before the big holiday season.

Cindy and the girls sometimes accuse me of being an emotional “cold fish.”

And boy, are they in for a shock now that I have a full range of visual expressions at my disposal!

And thanks to the work of the Unicode Technical Committee, I’ll be able to be more free-wheeling emotionally in cyberspace without ever having to worry about failing a future emoji audit!

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