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What could be better than preparing to greet unlimited hope and potential?

Now, some people will tell you they observe growth and beauty in their gardens.

Fair enough.

Can’t quibble with that.

But the mini-miracles about to take place in our schools soon are undeniable.

Not only are we blessed to observe the steady growth and beauty of learning in action,

We get to look forward to hearing about achievements that are still years away.

You just never know how – and when – our students and teachers will surprise us!

Here’s a real-world example of hope and potential from 18 years ago.

Would you have invested in Google back then?

Google 1998

I wouldn’t have.

(Besides, I had already invested big in AltaVista!)

But I’m not sure Google was fueled by money in its early years, anyway.

No, I think the budding seeds of Google were carefully nurtured in their founders’ dreams.

You know, Jim Harbaugh had it right when he said this during a commencement address two months ago.

Dream Big

Harbaugh’s words also help explain why we’re often overwhelmed by all that’s on our plates this time of year.

Not only are we actively preparing to greet the immense hope and potential coming our way…

We school leaders, teachers, and communicators also serve as the guardians of our students’ dreams.

Good job.

Keep a going!

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