Are you “in love” with public education? (Oops.) – SCN Encourager

Are you “in love” with your people and programs? (Oops.)


Hate to say it.

But for communicators and marketers, we need to be strategic about our feelings.

We need to be “in love” with our students and parents first and foremost.

Classic marketing experts say we need to operate within the framework of two columns.

One column representing what/who we VALUE.

The other column representing what/who we LOVE.

They’d tell us we need to VALUE our team members in ways that make it clear they hold the top spot in this column.

They’d then tell us we need to LOVE the ones who use and benefit from our services in ways that make it clear they hold the top spot in that column.

I was hoping to find a third column for us, equally promoted by the experts – a column called “Stuff School Communicators Can Do Without Any Work Involved.”

But so far, no such luck.

It seems this VALUING and LOVING business is a get-off-the-couch-kind-of activity that requires consistent effort and sacrifice.

I haven’t found any expert out there who believes there’s an all-downhill path to getting the two columns we need in good shape.

Not one!

But don’t worry.

You can count on me to keep looking.

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