Make art. Okay. But how? – SCN Encourager 6/21/2013

I thought Seth Godin’s quote made perfect sense…

but I never thought it would cause me this much trouble.

Of course, had I considered my utter lack of anything even resembling a well-rounded cultural background, I could’ve side-stepped the hole I’m now find myself in.

On Wednesday, I wrote about Seth Godin’s simple advice for leaders and communicators who want to be successful in shaping  21st century learning and enterprise.

He challenged us to “make art.”

I admiringly referenced his challenge and I shouldn’t have. Ouch.

I should’ve known several of you would call me out by responding, “OK, wise guy. We need to make art? How?”

Yikes. I wish I knew what to tell you. I really do.

But here’s something to rev up your own creative instincts – as a way of possibly redeeming myself.

A few weeks ago I read about a much praised art exhibition at a gallery in Manhattan. I filed the article away thinking that someday I might need something more than my predilection for sports and radio shows to write about. I didn’t imagine that I’d need it this soon.

The art exhibition featured the work of acclaimed photographer James Nares.

Along with his still photos, his short video entitled “Street” drew big crowds and earned high praise. Check it out. You might envision your hallways, people, classrooms, music rooms, stages, and gyms offering similar potential, if only  within a scaled down format. You don’t have to write out a narration, either! (nice, huh?)

Why I have such a personal struggle with art, I can’t say. I’ve sure had enough practice painting myself into corners.

Enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend!

Tom Page, SCN




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