Tuesday Tech Tip: Make lively with Animoto!

A scene from Holly's 1st Animoto project

A scene from Holly’s 1st Animoto project

Christmas cards today are mostly pictures, but I received one this year that stepped the “great Christmas card photo” up to new heights.

It was done on Animoto.

I had checked out Animoto before, but since you could only create 30-second videos for free (and I always take too many pictures), I didn’t give it much thought until receiving the card.

With a little digging over break, I learned that to do more in Animoto wouldn’t cost a lot and would add a new resource in my communications tool box!

Within days, I created a video for my district looking back at 2014 that I posted on New Year’s Eve. That was fun and it got me thinking of other ways to use this.

With digital photography, it’s easy to take a lot of photos. And as communications professionals, we often want to share a lot of those photos when we publicize a great event or highlight our district to really show the full scope of what’s taking place.

Here’s a way to make a creative slide show where you can add not only photos, but also videos with creative and fun backgrounds that enhance your show even more!

If you want to check out my school district’s end-of-the-year video, click here.

Contact me with questions anytime at hollym@scnforyou.com. What are your thoughts about using Animoto? Share your thoughts on our U Say It! Forum.

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