A little help please? Do you know the point of this razzmatazz?– SCN Encourager

Yikes! I hope “Sentiment Misconstruels” aren’t headed our way.

District-by-district score cards are bad enough.

But employing statistics to rank brands via monitoring the use of “simple” emojis has me stumped.

I don’t get the point of this exercise at all.











By showcasing five big brands in this way – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and LG –  we’re supposed to be able to glean a few insights about how consumers (you and me) actually feel about them.


My nose is catching a whiff of conspiracy in the air.

It’s like these five brands don’t want to be compared and shaped by public opinion and have come up with the razzle-dazzle ploy of confusing anyone who doesn’t hold a doctorate in statistics from M.I.T.

It makes me wonder if they’re behind the creation of this silly “sentiment misconstruel” thingie in the first place– rolling it out as a meaningless misdirection –just so they can all be free to go about serving people in their own way, anchored in principles they believe in, and doing the best they can without goofy comparisons to others.

And now it makes me wonder if WE shouldn’t do the same?

(Hey! If it works for them, right?)

Wish I had the answer.

But I still don’t have a clue what “sentiment misconstruels” are!

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