Cindy has warned me about dispensing marriage advice. But what the heck? – SCN Encourager

This Encourager is about marketing, not marriage, anyway.

Cindy must have a 6th sense.

I don’t know how she does it.

sixth senseSomehow she can tell whenever I use the word “marriage” in a paragraph.

And within seconds – with pursed lips and a disapproving look to boot– she’ll issue a caution about the direction she thinks my writing is about to go.

“Shouldn’t you write about something else?” she’ll wonder, not all that silently. “Why not choose a topic you’re an expert in?”

She has a point.

But I keep this fact buried deep within.

Besides, if I only wrote about topics I was “an expert in,” I never would’ve started writing these daily Encouragers in the first place.

At least I wasn’t a guest on the “marriage and marketing” panel discussion I heard in a podcast a few days ago.

But this would’ve been a good weekend for me to have been invited to participate, though.

Cindy is going on an overnight shopping trip with her mother (and maybe one of the girls) and I could’ve fit it in without her 6th sense kicking into gear once again.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

The panelists claimed that two women in particular, who were quite famous in the 20th century, would’ve been spectacular 21st century marketers.

They touted Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times.

Not to be outdone, Zsa Zsa was married 9 times.nn

Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa

Dang, between the two of them, they were married enough times to be the basis of a real-world math problem on Michigan’s new M-Step test for 3rd graders.

The panelists contended that today’s best marketers need to move through marketing tactics the way Taylor and Gabor moved through husbands.

“You just can’t consider marketing like a marriage,” one expert said. “The name of the game in marketing is not to be wedded to the same tactic forever. No more one and done. You need to always be ready to play the field. Marketing is about effectiveness, not endurance.”

Hmmm. I think I get it.

But, oh boy, I sure was relieved that Cindy wasn’t riding in the car along with me to hear this one.

She would’ve loved turning that statement on its head.

That’s her 7th sense.

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