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Consider this kind of an “I Have a Dream”… plus.

What a life.













Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spent time in jail and also in the Oval Office.

He experienced hatred up close and personal and yet leveraged it all to reach out in love in order to advance a clear vision – equality.

He modeled and activated an effective “what works” paradigm.

Change hearts.
Change minds.
Change laws.
Change the future.

He persevered to the end without compromise.

Sometimes I wonder if he’d be happy about the way we tend to spotlight his famous “I Have Dream” speech, like it’s a July 4th firework or the pre-game National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

I wonder if he’d ever want to give you and me a good shake and say, “Hey, I had so much more to say to you than that!”

This is why I was elated to find this article on Buzzfeed.

It gives 17 lesser-referenced quotations (AKA: life pokes) from Dr. King.

Every dream needs an anchor, you know.

And the range of these quotes helped me get a better idea about his.

(And also helped me get a better idea about my own… dang it.) 

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