Are your very own “life-sucking” words holding you back? – SCN Encourager

How often is your unclimbable mountain actually one of your own making?

I can’t be the only one who plays this weird inner mind game.

defeatedI hope you know the game I mean.

We might even agree to call it Self-Esteem Solitaire.

But that wouldn’t quite be true.

You don’t play this game alone.

You always have a nagging tag team partner lurking about inside of you ready to leap in and take over at the worst possible moment.

"Oh no...YOU CAN'T!"

“Oh no…YOU CAN’T!”

And that puts the kibosh on any of the forward progress you were making.

At least I take comfort in the fact that my inner tag team partner has a pretty cool name – The Doubting Dynamo!

He’s also very good at what he does.

He’s always persuading me that HE knows what people are truly thinking of me and that I should reconsider… slow down… or maybe just give up altogether.

Do YOU have an inner tag team partner like this? 
(You do? Can we work out a trade?!?)

Mike KimMike Kim is a much sought-out marketing expert, a five-star copywriter, and has one of the best personal branding podcasts on the planet.

He’s also a man of character with a wonderful sense of humor who somehow succeeds at providing insights of relevance and value to a highly diverse audience from all walks of life, faiths, and professions.

Once I heard him joke about how he needs his wife to help him choose what to wear and from then on I was hooked.

That’s about all the relevance and value I needed!

Mike wrote something last month that I still can’t get out of my mind.

Its title was The Two Most Life-Sucking Words I Tell Myself.

You might be surprised what his two words were.

I was. ← and no, these are not the two words.

Mike’s two words were eye-opening.

Had the words been wrapped into a long sentence, I would’ve totally forgotten them, to be honest.

But nope, his two words jammed their way into my musty old memory bank weeks ago and then have refused to leave.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 6.10.46 PMAt first, I didn’t think I’d have to read Mike’s blog.

I thought I could predict what his two words would be.

After all, I’ve been listening religiously to his weekly podcast.

(And you know how I take good notes on scraps of paper!)

How difficult could it really be to come up with a few zippy “life-sucking” phrases?

I’m a professional school communicator.

So I didn’t even call on my inner tag team partner for help in concocting my own list of “two-word” human spirit demoralizers.

•  No way
•  Forget it
•  You can’t.
•  Who cares?
•  You lose
•  Too late
•  Too old
•  Why now?
•  Detroit Tigers

But Mike had his own ideas.

His two words were a far cry from any of the ones on my list.

I think you’ll enjoy how he used them to craft an encouraging message for all of us if you click on over to his blog.

I know you probably just wanted me to tell you what Mike’s two words were.

But what’s the fun in that?

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