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Do you start your day with grand expectations?


The communicator's crossroad

The communicator’s crossroad

Do your best plans and intentions frequently get derailed by interruptions and unanticipated events?

Do you walk around carrying the hope that the local media will take note of at least one of the positive stories taking place in your district?

And if the media actually does notice… that it will report it out accurately?

Well, you’re not alone.

And you’ve got more than me for empathy.

So, how’s that for good news?!?

People from all over who are involved in PR share similar experiences.

The Hoffman Marketing Agency in San Jose, CA (as part of The Council of PR Firms conference last November) put together this chuckle-packed overview of what a PR professional’s typical day is like. See if they match up with the 12 parts of your day.

I bet it will score high on your truth-o-meter, too!

And you do have a truth-o-meter, don’t you?

Shame on you if you don’t.

I was hoping I could see what one looked like.


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