The naked digital native – SCN Encourager

And don’t worry.

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As Bob Dylan used to sing,“It ain’t me, babe.”

I’ll keep my clothes on.

And… come to find out, a naked digital native isn’t as racy as it sounds, anyway.


A naked digital native is actually someone who chooses to “unplug” and remain free of today’s technological entanglements.

Kind of a rare bird, don’tcha think?

Especially when you see the kids in our schools.

And the rest of us, too, I suppose!

The link I’ve sent you is from MindShift – an insightful NPR partnered website about the future of learning, culture, and technology.
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Click here to get to the article about a school where students “attempted” to become naked digital natives for three days.

No doubt, the story will have you imagining how a similar experiment would go over in your schools.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.57.40 PMIf you spend some time with the MindShift article later, take note of how it contains micro-podcasts within its structure.

I thought this format was pretty cool – and definitely another idea worth swiping!

Once Jim Camenga, our podcast guru, can explain SoundCloud to me, that is.

You know, as a non-techie, I originally thought about writing this Encourager in the buff.

I figured I could be an honest-to-goodness “naked native”…  despite being unable to adequately represent the “digital” part of the triad.

All I had to do was drop the word “digital” and drop some clothes.

But then I remembered Cindy.

She’s a such a stickler about not letting me just leave my clothes on the floor – or draped over the bed frame – or insisting that I put my clothes away where they belong, I gave up.

She makes getting naked seem like too much work.

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