If YOU wrote an article for the NY Times, it would be something like this. – SCN Encourager

I draw your attention to this “Sunday Review” opinion piece which was published over Thanksgiving break

I just got around to reading it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 12.07.50 PMI’ll blame too much turkey and football.

But nevertheless, once I actually got around to reading it, it reminded me of you.

It also reminded me of me.


We’re very much alike in many ways.

And no matter how scary this might seem – it’s true.

We’re people who like to get things done.

We’re both constantly trying to check things off our checklist.
•  projects
•  deadlines
•  reports and emails
•  meetings
•  assorted holiday activities*
(* Only Santa knows if yours are naughty or nice, by the way. I sure don’t. How could I? Cindy says I’m neither naughty nor nice… just “predictable.”)

Despite our good humored and fun loving demeanors, we take our home and work responsibilities seriously.

We value the important relationships in our lives and we take care to nurture them.

And we’re also extremely proud to tell our community about the future-shaping teaching and learning miracles that take place in our schools everyday.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.48.54 AMThis is why this New York Times opinion piece reminded me of you.

And me of me.

It captures much of the way we think!

We’ve got a lot cooking – and sometimes we can’t help inwardly wondering if changing up a few select habits here or there would help us better cope and deal with our real-world overwhelms.

Tony Schwartz, the writer of this easy-to-read and easy-to-identify-with article, describes a personal journey to drink less diet soda, eat better, exercise more, improve focus, and win more battles in the communications clutter war.

It’s fitting for us.

And as spot on as Tony’s laments about our 21st century distractions may be, they are not what reminded me of you, though.

No, it was his last three paragraphs.

He observes a little scene in a restaurant that I think would’ve touched you much in the same way it did him.

You deserve credit.

I probably would’ve missed the scene altogether.

Especially if the restaurant had a big flat screen TV hanging on the wall with a game on.

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