Forget about differentiation, targeted tutoring, and visual image strategies – SCN Encourager

My brand new learning approach has just made them obsolete.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.39.51 PMYou can now pack ’em away with those dusty boxes in the back storage room labeled “District Y2K Response Plan.”

My innovative learning approach is on the leading edge of 22nd century education.

Although it has yet to earn a single testimonial of praise or be tagged as an educational best practice by anyone,“so what?”

This won’t stop a state legislature somewhere from making it a future unfunded mandate on hard-pressed schools once they hear about it.

My sure-fire game changer transcends the need for research and data.

Let me describe it for you.

If you carefully follow this five-step learning regimen, you too can grow in your professional skills and knowledge day-by-day.

#1 Start a blog.
#2 Write about topics grounded in your experience and expertise.
#3 Email and tweet out links about your blog.
#4 Thank the readers who were impressed by your blog and appreciated your insights.
(OK. This step hasn’t actually happened yet – but I’ll be ready!)
#5 Thank the readers who noticed your blog and got back to you with additions and corrections.

So, do you see the built-in magic of my new system?

With Step #5 taking place so often (at least to me), new learning is practically guaranteed.

Here’s a real-life example of my five-step learning system in action.

On Monday, I wrote about my frustrations with “Google Alert” and my plan to investigate two similar (and hopefully better) services.

In full accordance with Step #3, I confidently tweeted out a link to my article.

And in keeping with Step #5, I received a direct message on Twitter from Delaina McCormack the next day.

Uh, oh. Step #4 was skipped again. Rats! 

Delaina’s a talented and tech-savvy school PR specialist with a public school district in the Washington, D.C. area.

She’s also a previous NSPRA Gold Medallion winner, which I thought was pretty cool, because sometimes the additions and corrections that come into me are from 6th graders (the smart alecks!).

When you take a look at her suggestion, you’ll see why I owe Delaina a big thank-you!
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.03.00 PM






Dang. I might not have to move away from Google Alerts after all.

All I have to do is keep taking advantage of my very own five-step learning system.

Patent pending.




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