No fail investment advice. (From me!) – SCN Encourager 6/26/2013

Massive potential. Minimal dollars required upfront. 

And better yet, this investment plan isn’t anything I dreamed up.

It actually comes from someone who knows the score.

Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has been sharing his wisdom and experiences on his website for more than five years.

He believes achieving “rich dividends” comes from writing things down and establishing clear goals.

On his website he offers tips for better presentations, running more effective meetings, and working through conflict at home. (Like me, he also has older daughters who enjoy voicing their opinions and suggestions about the topics he writes about. Unlike me, he’s a millionaire… a fact I’ve reported to my daughters with the hope they’ll up the quality of their future input. We’ll see.)

Hyatt’s podcasts on productivity are excellent, too.

I’m telling you about Michael Hyatt now because it’s during these hot and hazy summer days that most school leaders and communicators can more fully devote time for thinking, collaborating, and planning. The weeks leading up to graduation events are just too hectic.

Of course, a lot of discussion and preparation have already occurred. Some staff have retired and new team members are continually being added to our respective school rosters. Summer programs and training sessions are underway. But typically, with the 2012-2013 school year officially behind us, now is the ideal time to focus on what’s ahead and what needs to be done.

I’m glad I came across Hyatt’s Beginner’s Guide to Goal-Setting.

It’s already been helpful to me – as most things with the word “beginner” in them are!

Tom Page, SCN

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