Now I really know what they mean by election fatigue – SCN Encourager

Is it Friday yet?

I’m exhausted.

So today’s Encourager will be short.

eddie-bauer-at-7-27-16-pmBut I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

Trust me.
(As we’ve all heard the politicos say about a million times.)

On Friday I’ll share the link to the recording of yesterday’s worthwhile Lunchinar with Don Taylor and Holly McCaw.

Don sure knows how to crank out some creative and speedy-kwik school graphics!

Plus, he goes to great lengths to get staff, students, and parents engaged in the process as well.

His presentation was fantastic.

No wonder I’m pooped.

I also think I’m a little depressed.

And I have good reason to be.

Not only am I feeling physically drained, my confidence is now shattered too.

A few days ago I was in the mall and I saw a gigantic poster in a store window.

I stopped, because as fate would have it, I was actually wearing a shirt from Eddie Bauer at the time.

Besides, I needed a moment to ponder whether I was one of the guides, athletes, or adventurers the brainiac marketers at Eddie Bauer had in mind when they commissioned the poster.

Was it possible?

I also wondered what phrases I would use if I was creating something similar for my school district.

Holland Public Schools 
Preparing lifelong learners since 1848.
Because life doesn’t come with any guarantees.

This is hardly jaw-dropping, I know.

I probably could’ve come up with something better, but I didn’t have the time.

The store manager came out and approached me after only a few seconds.

She said she was also the brand manager.

She asked if I’d take off my Eddie Bauer shirt and give it to her.

She wanted to give me a coupon for five shirts from the nearby Sears in exchange.


This sure was a hard way to find out I wasn’t one of the guides, athletes, or adventurers the marketers at Eddie Bauer had in mind when they made the poster, after all.

Oh brother, what a week! 

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