Now I know why I wasn’t invited to speak at NSPRA 2015 – SCN Encourager

It would’ve gotten in the way of my listening.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.24.45 AMThat’s not good.

When I speak, I don’t learn.

(Unless there’s some kind of lesson to be had from grimacing faces and people heading for the exits.)

And when I listen, I learn at about 75%.

(Oops, Cindy wants me to ratchet that one down to about 15%!)


Anyway, you get the point, most of us learn more when we listen.

Ron Koehler


I re-read former NSPRA President Ron Koehler’s three takeaways from NSPRA  2015.

It was published in the Encourager last week.

Ron listened to the presentation of Brian Woodland of the Peel District Board of Education in Mississauga, Ontario, and (wisely) noted for us that school communicators everywhere should step up and become the “keepers of their district’s vision.”

Over the weekend I couldn’t get the phrase “keeper of the district vision” out of my mind. What does this mean?

(I start thinking goofy stuff whenever the Tigers are in a funk.)

What does it actually mean to be a “keeper of the district vision” – especially when operating out of a tiny department or a one-person office?

And here’s what I came up with by employing my two standard criteria: cheap and do-able.(Unfortunately, “easy” is only on the list in my dreams!)

soccer goalieI believe real-world school communicators – folks like us – are keepers of their district’s brand promise.

Do parents make their decisions based up your mission statement, pithy slogan, and logo?

Are these really the things parents are concerned about and post about and tweet out to their friends?


I don’t think so.

Whatcha’ think?

In our competitive school choice environment, isn’t walking the talk of our brand promise where the real action’s at?

brand promiseAnd don’t we win more often than not when our organizational behaviors embody authenticity, empathy, consistency, and caring smiles?

Is this the right road to trust and loyalty.

Please spend some time thinking about brand promise today.


I’m desperately trying to pass it on to you to get it out of my head.

So, thanks a bunch Ron, for ruining my weekend.

Speaking at NSPRA would’ve been easier than doing the mental lifting involved with pondering your takeaways.

So, if NSPRA ever invites me to speak, I’m going to say “yes” and start packing.

It’s not like Cindy never encourages me to go away for a few days!







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