Dang, I wish I had this problem! – SCN Encourager 4/18/2014

This would be a predicament worth losing sleep over.

In fact, I envy anyone routinely bedeviled by the difficulty highlighted below.

I get that “content marketing” is all about reaching out to people and presenting to them how you (or your organization) can reduce or take away a particular problem that may be vexing them.

Good content marketers go beyond bullet-pointing features and benefits. They strive to identify specific and actual problems people are experiencing and then try to connect those folks with their organization’s offering of support and solutions.

Good content marketers call this creating “value worth paying for.”

Seth Godin calls this creating something remarkable – “something worth remarking about to your friends”

School leaders and communicators just call this creating a “school district worth choosing.”

It’s something we all do everyday.

Each one of us has a long list of responsibilities… but I sure wish I had this challenge to add to mine.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.42.00 AMTake a look at this.

This is the exactly the kind of problem I want.

And real soon.

I want my pockets (and wallet) to be so jammed with cash and other valuables that I’m desperate for relief.

Right now, my wallet is the only skinny thing contained within my clothing… and for what’s in my pockets… (you guessed it!)… all I have are mostly scraps of scribbled out ideas for next week’s Encouragers.

Sure, I know this is the time of year when we should acknowledge our many blessings.

And I also know I shouldn’t take lightly the daily struggle some people must have battling their bulky and burdensome billfolds.

I just wish I was one of them.

And I also hope you enjoy your Easter weekend.

Tom Page, SCN
carFRI 041814





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