When old and new collide… anything’s possible! – SCN Encourager

NSPRA 2017 was more than a cavalcade of cool communication tools.

There many good reminders.

Good reminders about –
relationship building,
identifying the right audience,
crafting the right message,
using the right channel,
and connecting at the right time.

Oh, there were scads of new ideas and perspectives to get your brain churning.

I didn’t hear one speaker promote hauling out the old file from last year to fire up your Back-to-School open houses.

And being the lazy duffer I am, I was kinda hoping I would!

But what I found exciting was how every expert sought to mash-up the “tried and true” with the “immediate and social.”

That’s what got my heart bumping.

To use a football analogy, I appreciated the understanding that blocking and tackling still matter.

School communicators can never ignore the fundamentals in my view.

But mixing in new strategies and tactics – along with a creative trick play or two – may be just the ticket to move your district’s communications plan from good to great.

Because a balanced approach definitely works!

If you need convincing – and have 5 minutes to get hyped up for the rest of your day – check out this mash-up of old movie dance clips and music from Bruno Mars.

I watched it twice!

Of course, I may be biased.

I’m pretty sure I bought tickets to many of those old movies when I was on dates in high school!

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