On vacation. No worries. Not me. – SCN Encourager 6/27/2013

Some road signs spell trouble for me back at the office.

Last week my wife and I enjoyed an awesome few days in North Carolina.

We then drove home to Michigan via Kentucky and Indiana.

I never should’ve caved in to her request to “travel a few back roads.”

I wished I had never seen this sign on a “four farm” corner intersection in central Indiana.

It darkened my mood considerably.

The whole rest of the trip back home I had to wonder if my superintendent (in his own travels) had also seen this particular sign… or one just like it.

I had to assume that he did. “Murphy’s Laws #456 & #457” dictate it. Whatever I hope my superintendent won’t notice, he’ll notice. Whatever I hope he won’t ask me about, he’ll ask me about.

So I took a picture of the sign to study and prepare myself.Hog Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.32.55 PM






I knew my boss would toss some tough questions my way once I returned.

“Uh, Tom… our district has more Facebook ‘likes’ than this pig wrestling event, right?” he’d ask. “And check out their website while you’re at it, too. Does it use a more effective mobile design?”

Rats! Now I remember why I hate quiet country roads and love those big super highways with their big super billboards.

But I can’t say that it’s just scenic country roads that are problematic for me. Not even zipping along on a highway is totally worry free. Sometimes – given my age – the sign that says “Next Rest Area 45 Miles” can raise my anxiety level up a bit, too.

Tom Page. SCN

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