What one word is used the most by the most successful? – SCN Encourager 10/18/2013

Like I would even have a clue about this!

Oh well, my guess is as good as anyone else’s, right?

But I sure haven’t had much practice at this.

My typical one word answers are:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.06.48 AMYes.

So, my answer for the one word that successful people frequently use is MAYBE.

Here’s my thinking.

Successful people do not want to deploy their talents, resources, and networks toward a future cause or endeavor without first obtaining lots of information.

They will answer “maybe” so that they can take their time and patiently wait while all of the available options and opportunities become known and checked out.

I’m proud that I reasoned this all out for myself.

I’m not happy to find out that I was dead wrong, though.

Studies have shown that the most successful people routinely make effective use of the word “no.”

Now some may be more graceful about it than others, but “no” is the word that successful people use with foresight, precision, and clarity.

NO is the word they use to stay true to their course.

It seems that in order achieve great results in the areas that are most important, it helps to be able to say “no” to lesser projects and requests.

No wonder I answered this incorrectly.

People tell me “no” all of the time.

I just don’t use it all that much myself.


Now I’m stuck hoping that “Dang!” is the second most used word by successful people.

I’ll research this over the weekend with my fingers crossed.

Enjoy yours!

Tom Page, SCN
carFRI 101813




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