Oops. I sure misread my family’s Father’s Day intentions! – SCN Encourager

At first I thought I was incredibly popular.

But nope.

Cindy gave me the bad news yesterday.

Everyone who said they are coming to MY Father’s Day dinner on Sunday – more than 20 family members – are not really coming to see me at all.

They’re all coming to see the girls!

Because our three girls are rarely together in the same place at the same time nowadays, everyone (allegedly) is excited to hear how they are doing and find out what’s going on in their lives.

Uh… hey, folks!

I’m doing stuff and have things going on in my life, too!

Who wants to hear about Katelyn’s mission trip to Costa Rica anyway?

And so what if Amy and Katie are going to going to Japan in a few months? 

I’m going to the Tigers game on August 19th.

Doesn’t this interest anybody?!?

Just because the Page clan hasn’t been all together (for the most part) since Katelyn’s wedding back in 2016, I don’t see why Father’s Day on Sunday now has to be relegated to a minor ancillary event!

But Cindy said I should just plan on cleaning the patio, monitoring the grill, and “quit pouting.”

So I guess I will.

That’s probably not the worse plan around.

I just hope one of the girls doesn’t haul out that dad-o-meter comment gauge they made a few years ago “to publicly rate” what I say in their presence. 

I still think this gadget is rigged!

Where’s the “pearls of wisdom” mark?

Perhaps Father’s Day will turn out better than expected.

But I doubt it.

Every time one of the girls calls Cindy and I overhear her telling them to “not worry about bringing a gift” I want to jump up and text back an immediate correction in writing.

So, up or down or good or bad, I’ll report back on Monday.

My best wishes are for you and your family to have a blast celebrating Father’s Day in your own grand style!

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with thinking big and being overly-generous, though, if you want my humble opinion.

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