Here’s more proof that our world is going topsy turvy – SCN Encourager

And feel free to “fact check” me if you like!

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-5-27-05-pmIt’s easy enough.

Just visit your local bookstore.

You’ll be in for a shock.

There are tons of books on teaching, curriculum, and educational leadership.

If you poke around around a bit, you’ll see topics range from student achievement, standards, cyber-bullying, technology, change, gaps, managing stress, and all the way to “the sky is falling” perspectives from BOTH SIDES of the high stakes testing debate.

You’ll see rubrics, comparisons, arrows going up, arrows going down, charts, graphs, and all kinds of demands for us to do something other than what we doing.

If you’re looking for fun… it ain’t here, right where it used to be.

Now look at these three top shelf business book picks as displayed in a store I visited last week.


They’re eye-catching.

These new business books feature Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and otter (or maybe it’s a squirrel), three engaging touchie-feelie titles, and – on Simon Sinek’s book cover – artwork reminiscent of the Frog & Toad Together series.

When did this flip-flop of genre actually take place?screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-5-47-39-pm

At what point in time did “our side” (education writers) just roll over and allow business writers to pull off this brazen switcheroo?

I think I missed something.


We’re supposed to be the good natured, fun-loving people; not them!


They’re serving up cartoons, parables, joy-filled affirmations, creative visuals, and poetic ditties composed in fancy fonts at 3rd-4th grade reading levels.

We’re serving up the serious, the boring, and the stiff.

Dare to compare.

You’ll see the difference.

You’ll see many business writers showcasing emotional heart-tugging, while many of our education-writer-buddies are showcasing anxiety inducing hand-wringing.

It’s weird.

I asked Cindy if she concurred with my bookstore evidence of our world going topsy-turvy.

(I mean, how could she not? It’s so obvious!)

She responded by asking me if I knew what this upcoming Friday was?


Of course, I didn’t.

But now I must confess I felt pretty small when she reminded me it’s our anniversary.

So, she jabbed. “How do you like my evidence that some things never change?”

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