Psst, hey buddy…got six seconds? – SCN Encourager 11/13/2013

Mobile + Speedy Kwik + Fun = Better Odds

Huh? Better odds of what?

Better odds that your brief video will be shared friend-to-friend via social media.

And isn’t this something you’d love to see happen?

Especially if your video featured a captivating invitation to your prospective 2014 kindergarten families?

With a general idea for a concept, some creativity, and an outline sketched out on a storyboard, I’m sure you can get your own school video project in motion fairly soon.

Me? I need more time.

More time to look over some of the videos that are already out there… and time enough to adjack (er, borrow) a concept from one of them that holds promise.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.54.29 PMFast Company magazine recently posted this article highlighting a few of the “best & boldest” six-second Vine videos.

The videos cover the range, from a TD scoring coffee drink from Dunkin’ Donuts to an Airbnb vignette that imaginatively pieces together more than 40 six second videos – with some of them recorded by actual Airbnb customers.

I hope you’re able to check these out.

The short video format offers an intriguing one for schools.

We can show off our creative juices within a set compacted timeframe that won’t bust even the smallest marketing budget. 

I like the contest and engagement potential as well.

Anytime we can inspire others to perform the labor, count me in!

My only regret is that this Twitter-owned Vine video app was not around back in my high school varsity basketball days. 

Since I was the bench-warming 10th man on a 10 player team, it would’ve taken only one six-second Vine video to capture my entire career on the court. Honestly.

But boy, would I have tweeted this baby out to the world!

Tom Page, SCN
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