Quit being so positive all of the time – SCN Encourager 7/3/2014

If the glass actually is half empty, just say it.

A focus on the “negative” isn’t necessarily a horrible thing.

Especially when both the positive and the negative are effectively linked together.

Edgar Rubin illusion at 8.09.49 PMThis is Edgar Rubin’s famous optical illusion.

No doubt you’ve seen it before… maybe even in an old high school art class since it’s a textbook example of the use of “negative space.”

With the weddings of at least two of my daughters on the horizon, the only thoughts I’ve had about “negative space” lately have been in the context of my checkbook balance.

But after a look at these logo designs, I’m going to expand my thinking.

Here are 24 more graphics which exemplify the creative use of negative space that are worthy of your “wow!”

Plus, they’re speedy-kwik to scroll through. (About 35 seconds if you’ve had your coffee, about 2 1/2 minutes if not…)

I hope you find these logos as fascinating as I did.

It’s amazing how the intentional use of negative space can alter your perspective and cause you to see things in a fresh new way.

So, it was with high hopes that I took my checkbook down to my bank to see if the manager would be impressed by my use of negative space.

Maybe her frame of reference  would be different than mine.

I handed her my checkbook.

She held it up to the light and twisted and turned it to view from several different angles.

“So, whatcha think?” I asked.”Would you say my glass is half-empty or half-full?”

“What glass?!?” she responded.



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Here are 24 examples

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