Ramp up your school marketing… inch by inch by inch. – SCN Encourager

Marketing – like baseball – can be a game of inches.

Trust me.

I know of what I speak.

Just buying a new belt or attempting to enjoy a backyard BBQ with too small a plate in my hands can be a game of inches for me!

But for those of us who want to “level up” the stories of our schools, media mastermind Gary Vaynerchuk recommends we take an inch-by-inch approach.

He’s strident about this.

Vaynerchuk says it’s stunning how many leaders and communicators haven’t physically walked through every nook and cranny of their buildings in months.

Great stories aren’t hatched at the leadership table.

They’re gathered up by exploring “every square inch” of your district and listening to the people who provide your frontline programs and services.

Our real estate may look similar.

Our school day times, classrooms, offices, and operational support like food service, maintenance, technology, and busing may look similar, too.

But if we ask the right questions while we putz about inch-by-inch, we’ll see it’s our people who give us our most unique story-worthy opportunities.

We don’t have to worry about our school buildings and athletic fields looking similar to our neighbor’s.

We’ve got our people.

We’ve got uniqueness to spare!

There’s a positive story or fact – unique to each one of our districts – contained in every school meal prepared, bus engine tuned up, and flower bed mulched.

We just have to get out and about inch-by-inch to find them.

I definitely think Vaynerchuk’s onto something.

I just hope his inch-by-inch approach counts as exercise.

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