Social media “reverse mentoring” on the cheap – SCN Encourager 8/14/2013

Here are insights about Facebook from a 13 year-old. 

And someday, if I can ever afford the fees charged by the 9 year-old social media guru right down the street, I’ll pass those gems your way as well.

But for now, just take a moment to read this superb article by middle schooler Ruby Karp.

It’ll add another layer to your perspective about the students in our schools and their views and use of social media.

I got a kick out of Ruby’s observation … “that wasn’t the way it was when I was seven.”

Oh man, I envy her.

I could never write those words.

I can hardly remember being seven years-old!

But, at least if first-hand, eye-witness accounts of the Nixon-Kennedy presidential campaign debates ever start “trending” in social media conversations, I’m ready to jump in.

I think Ruby has something important to tell us.

Value this opportunity.

It’s not every day I turn the Encourager over to someone more experienced, wiser, and younger.

Tom Page, SCN
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