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 Oh, how I wish I was making a commission on this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.06.52 AMThis brand new Rocketboard tool is awesome.

I only found out about it via an online class I’m taking and one of my classmates is a friend of the developer.

Believe me, I’m not on any tech innovator’s quick dial contant list.

But if you often share “whiteboard discussions” with your team or are looking to make short presentations in a unique and simple way, check this out.

Here’s the link to Rocketboard. Click on the arrow for the speedy-kwik video that explains it all.

And just how intriguing is this tech tool?

Well, consider this –

Imagine I’m writing away on a whiteboard posted in my office. You are viewing my witty and profound presentation from your office as my iPhone’s Rocketboard app captures it and beams it to you in real time.

The fact that you are watching and listening to me from miles away (without getting paid) is not the amazing part.

The amazing feature about Rocketboard is that when I am standing at my whiteboard scribbling away with my back to my iPhone’s camera, you’ll only see the whiteboard – not me!

contentI’m sure magic has something to do with this.

Now here’s the disclaimer.

Rocketboard is the beta stage and just getting started.

While it’s easy and free for you to sign up, the overall process might seem a bit different.

Rocketboard wants your feedback and wants to know what you and other new users think about their product.

Even how they invite friendly dialogue was interesting to me… as I’d like to think we similarly want to know what’s on the minds of our new parents as well.

But I still can’t believe how Rocketboard makes its presenters “invisible” to viewers!

For example, if we were using Rocketboard right now to share information, you’d never see generously proportioned behind, my missed belt loop, or question if I needed a haircut.

Just this USP alone (unique selling proposition) makes Rocketboard a winner, don’tcha think?


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