The gourmet chef or the masseuse? Who do movers and shakers depend upon the most? – SCN Encourager

Research reveals the correct answer is “the gatekeeper.”

And it’s a DIY gatekeeper at that!

Not this kind of gatekeeper!

Not this kind of gatekeeper!

Some jobs are too critical to outsource, I guess.

At least that’s how most movers and shakers see it.

But make no mistake, the vast majority of our opinion influencers, innovators, and economic disruptors (movers and shakers) trust their own inner gatekeeper above all else.

They know the value of diligently guarding –
•  their hearts,
•  their time,
•  and their thoughts.

They’re not about to farm out this responsibility.

This list of three isn’t all that surprising.

But the consistency and fervor that movers and shakers typically deploy in the protection of these resources blindsided me.

Movers and shakers really do have something like an internal rough and tough guard on duty to manhandle and turn away pervasive negative influences, back-pedaling habits, predictable time-wasters, and the spirits of defeat.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.05.18 PMWhile I would’ve imagined movers and shakers dependent upon their investment advisors, tax accountants, PR pros, make-up artists, or $400 per hour attorneys, I was way off.

Movers and shakers are more dependent upon their personal principles, faith, and sense of justice.

What’s inside them is more essential than who’s around them.

What Rosa Parks did in Montgomery, Alabama, exactly 60 years ago proved this to be true.

Even as she refused to move and give up where she was sitting on that bus.


Now, there was a mover and shaker for you!

But dang it, once again, it looks like I’ve written myself into the tight corner of an irony.

My example of a champion-level mover and shaker today obviously highlights a courageous woman famous for not moving at all.

I’m sure you caught this.

Oh well.

Fortunately, I’m no longer embarrassed when this happens.

I’ve done it enough.

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