There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter “Ho-Ho-Ho” – SCN Encourager

Every time I hear a squeaky high-pitched “Ho-Ho-Ho” from a Santa wanna-be, I’m reminded of Communications Trend #4.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.42.37 PMSanta has been crafting his “authentic voice” for generations.

It’s to the point where we all know the real Santa’s “Ho-Ho-Ho!” when we hear it.

That’s how effective Santa’s “authentic voice” is!

We even know (by now) that after every one of his Ho-Ho-Ho’s, there’s usually a hearty and sincere “Merry Christmas” wish that follows.

The inauthentic Santas typically skip past the follow-up “Merry Christmas” message and just launch into the “rush into your nearest Lexus dealership” script.

Yup… when it comes to Santa… we know what we hear.

We know the difference between the friendly and inviting and the contrived and “salesy.”

Communications Trend #4 highlights that our parents (and particularly our most picky school choosers) will be listening closer to us than ever before.

And they want to believe that the “authentic voices” they hear from school folks are honest portrayals of of the day-in and day-out caring, standards, and behaviors occurring in the classroom.

When Santa bellows “Ho-Ho-Ho” we know what he stands for without additional explanation.

The challenge of Communications Trend #4 in 2015 is for us to somehow do the same.

We’re fortunate that so many wonderful things are happening in our schools.

Our demonstrations of daily support, caring, and learning are already in place.

The challenge for us in 2015 will be for us to consistently step up and use an effective “authentic voice” to better connect our community with them.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten it’s also Tech Tip Tuesday.

Jim Camenga, SCN’s video and podcast guru, has some neat tricks to show you in a five minute VideoScribe tutorial.

So check in with Jim if your shopping schedule permits!


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