For some, even concentrating is distracting.– SCN Encourager 7/11/2013

Yeah… but can she do this while watching the Big Game on TV?

I always enjoy the responses I get back from the Encourager.

They’re unpredictable, but I’m the last one who should complain, right?

They’re short, witty, and well-written. (Show-offs!)

Most reader responses usually include links and ideas that somehow I missed despite my full and balanced media diet of ESPN and FoxSports.

One response to yesterday’s masterful “crush it” treatise about life quotes and Spanish chefs zeroed in on the word “distractions” – and amplified it with the insight that “Hey, that’s our lives – it’s all about how we cope and manage our distractions.”

He nailed it, of course.

Unfortunately, I’m the wrong one to elaborate on the topic of coping and managing distractions. Heck, a neon sign blinking “2 for 1 ice cream cones!” is all it takes to knock me off track.

But his response included this seven minute video on the power of concentration.

The description online of Miyoko Shida Rigolo’s performance on the Spanish TV program “Tú Sí Que Vales” (You can do it!) emphasized her “beauty, harmony, and balance.”

What intrigued me about this video was its pace.

It’s so incredibly “unlike us.” (busy Americans, busy school communicators, busy parents…)

Con Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.59.34 PMThe whole non-rushed, wait-for-the-water-to-boil, everything-will-come-together-eventually ebb and flow of Miyoko’s performance had me churning inside and almost desperate for a way to fast-forward to the end.

But I would’ve missed the intentional build-up to an amazing crescendo.

Here is the video.  “The Incredible Power of Concentration” as its title is an understatement.

I’m grateful to have received it.

And I’ll take to heart the challenge to find a topic that I can encourage you how to “cope and manage.”

Distractions just isn’t one that should be on my list, to be honest.

But it’s a big world we live in. Making a long list of other possible topics for me to tell you how to “cope and manage” should be a cinch.

I’ve got my topic list already started. See what you think.

Home finances, spousal communications, never wondering about your daughters’ boyfriends, stress-free wedding planning, handling those meteoric career advances, defeating procrastination, humor that sells, no fail exercise regimens, and DYI plumbing and electrical repair.

Oh well. I wanted to write about how to “cope and manage” distractions anyway. Really.

All reader responses and suggestions are sincerely appreciated. (Lil’ help over here?)

Tom Page, SCN






Power of Concentration


Con Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.59.34 PM





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