Doubling down on my one word examples – SCN Encourager 10/21/2013

My journey toward average continues.

Not only did I make a wrong guess for the one word used most frequently by our most successful people (“No”), even my tiny list of the one-word possible answers came up short.

As if the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings haven’t caused me enough misery lately.

Actually though, I don’t think it was the listing of the “one word” possibles that touched off the responses.

I believe It was the fact that last Friday’s Encourager was limited to just “one word” choices.

Apparently, some school communicators (with more schooling, more training, and not from Flint, etc.) are much more comfortable in the more expansive world of “two word” answers.

Totally unbeknownst to me until now, it seems that there are many “two word” phrases that successful school communicators regularly use everyday.

Here’s a sampling of what came my way.

Of course, I welcome every suggestion.

Of course, I welcome every suggestion.

Why me?
No way.
You kidding?
No kidding?
I’m kidding!
This minute?
What the…
Says who?
On it.
Got it.
Forgot it.
Screw it.
Not now.
Not today.
Not ever.

Now that I’ve considered these submissions – I’m impressed.

While I still may feel a tinge of inadequacy knowing that my vocabulary is only about one-half of yours and other school communicators, this pain is mine alone to alleviate.

So I’ll continue on the path toward average by actively stretching my brain muscle with some simple phrases today and also reducing my sugar intake.

Here is a list of phrases that directly pertain to our work in communications and marketing in 2013.

See what you think.

Note that I didn’t tout any two-word, three-word, or multiple “word count” limits.

With no word restrictions… there are no rules to break (something most school communicators can’t refrain from doing)… so I’ve made it impossible for anyone to write me back and show off.

Here are the phrases.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 5.52.11 PMVideo is king. 
People read headlines, little else.
Code (HTML, Java, & CSS) is hot-hot-hot.
Social media is creating new demand for direct mail.
Engagement is more important than facts.
Speed of delivery is more important than facts.
Tight budgets are forcing sales-oriented planning.

And one more.

The majority of people are now using their smart phones or tablets to “engage with others” or access basic information.

I’m glad MSPRA is taking on that #1″Video is king” reality on November 1.

You may have other ideas and recommendations, too… so I’m going to leave my suggestion box plugged in for a few more days.

Tom Page, SCN
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