It’s Monday. Ready for what’s coming? – SCN Encourager 11/18/2013

Just gotta love these people…

Th glass always half-empty-ers.

You know who I mean.

And sometimes I feel vastly outnumbered by them.

Just one consistently unhappy person carries a negative aura that can spread and discourage everyone trapped within its ripple.

It’s not fair.

This type of person doesn’t even have to plan and create a YouTube video to go viral.

Sadly enough, I can also be that energy-draining “unhappy person” more times than I’d care to admit.

Usually this is caused by a Lions or Red Wings loss… or some other earth-shattering event.

And when the “unhappy person” is me, I know I’m not all that helpful to my boss or school district.

Of course, you may not be as goofy I am (so fair warning: this next piece of advice may be way off base) but here’s what nudges me back into a positive mindset

I try to remember that our world needs more heroes.

Sometimes it’s “the trying to remember” part of this that I screw up, but nevertheless it’s true.

We need more HEROES.

No doubt about it.

Whenever I purposefully choose to escape from fog of negativity, an amazing thing happens.

Suddenly, I can clearly see many heroes in action.


They’re all around me.

And as a school communicator, I’m challenged to effectively tell their stories.

So are you.

A pretty cool gig, don’tcha think?

And you know, it really doesn’t take much skill and talent to counter-balance the negative Neds and Nellies. (Yet another blessing in my case!)

It just takes a willingness to engage and get the stories of our HEROES out there.

So I have a good feeling about the start of my week.

Do you?

I’m gonna guess “yes.”

(Because of who you are and what you do, the answer is easy.)

Tom Page, SCN
carMON 111813


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