Ready to leap into the New Year? – SCN Encourager 12/30/2013

I’m not sure I am.

Professional leaper shown. School personnel should not try this at home.

Professional leaper shown. School personnel should not try this at home.

All of this “leaping” business looks kinda dangerous.

I might pull a muscle or something.

If anyone could be unlucky enough to fall into the wide chasm between 2013 and 2014, it’d be me.

But before getting rescued by the Fire Department, I’d use the time for even more, much-needed reflection.

After all, that’s what many of the life coaches “out there” are now advising; to set aside time to reflect upon the past year before “leaping” into our goals and resolutions for the New Year.

We should reflect on both our successes (a list of average length for me) and on our new learnings and things we could’ve done better (a list that takes considerably more time…).

At any rate, experts say we shouldn’t just merely flow into 2014 without first wrapping up 2013 nice and tight.

We might have some iffy attitudes, lingering resentments, and an “old approach” or two that simply aren’t worth dragging along with us into 2014.

We need to “let go” so that we can “get going,” so to speak.

Even if we have current projects already in-process that we must carry forward into the New Year, our work will be smoother if we intentionally choose to lay some of our old burdens down for good.

This sure seems reasonable enough, don’tcha think?

I guess it never hurts to begin by counting our blessings.

So that’s what I’m doing this week as I work up to sharing my 2014 goals and resolutions with you when the Encourager gets back on its regular schedule, January 6-10.

Yes, it’ll be difficult writing about maximizing 2014 while sitting in my basement office… while my brothers bask in the warm Pasadena sun watching MSU in the Rose Bowl. Dang it.

And, I also dodged a bullet over Christmas, in that none of our three twenty-something girls received “a ring” before or after or during any of our holiday family gatherings.

So Cindy and I still have more time to save for pending betrothals (TBA). Big whew here.

But this doesn’t make looking ahead and planning for 2014 any easier.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.05.28 PMAt least Michael Hyatt – the well respected and popular leadership guru – notes that we’re not alone.

This is the time of year – right after the hubbub of Christmas – when most of us ponder ways to refresh, renew, and resolve.

Hyatt’s commentary on Goal Setting 2014 is excellent.

If you can’t wait for my version on January 6, his is well worth investigating.

It’s what I’d do.

Yeah, Hyatt’s is better.

Which is hard for me to believe since he never includes the words “new tattoo.”

Tom Page, SCN … wishing you a Happy New Year!
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