Michael Hyatt & Barney Fife. Part II. – SCN Encourager 1/8/2014

Despite a chilling polar vortex, I couldn’t slip this one by you.

More than a few people replied to yesterday’s Encourager and asked what I was drinking or smoking.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 7.53.34 PMThey couldn’t believe I had tag-teamed leadership expert Michael Hyatt (who authored the NYT bestseller Platform) with my favorite lawman Barney Fife (well-known historian and constitutional authority).

Wasn’t I making a mockery of the entire New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting process?

Michael Hyatt’s advice is so sound… how could I demean it by dragging in goofy ol’ Barney Fife?

Some wondered if I should worry about Hyatt flying into Michigan just to punch me on the nose?

Well, I’m not. Not too much.

I’m convinced that Barney Fife is secretly on Michael Hyatt’s short list of most admired people.

Haven’t most of us at some time– albeit the older ones of us – seen Barney Fife nervously fumble and fret over his fear of bullies, haunted houses, and never getting chosen to be the lead soloist in the choir?

Haven’t we also seen him go way over the top in attempting to show off his his worldly wisdom, his skills in self-defense, and his Sinatra-esque way in romancing women?

Who hasn’t laughed out loud from Barney’s frenzied antics in the face of terror or from the super-confident, chest-puffed-out persona he assumes whenever he grapples with an issue or topic he knows absolutely nothing about?

I think Michael Hyatt would ask us if we have what it takes inside to act the same way. In that, do we leap into situations the way Barney does… or do we wait? And wait. And wait.

No Andy Griffith Show ever ended without Barney overcoming his fear and ineptitude… even if it was with the help and support of loved ones and friends.

You’ll never see a rerun where Barney didn’t come back down to earth eventually and inwardly come to grips with who he really is and what’s really important… even if it was with the help and support of loved ones and friends.

I think Michael Hyatt would ask us if our own track record is as good as Barney’s.

Personally, I’m exercising my right to be silent.

In a recent podcast, I heard Hyatt say that there is a very simple way to determine if something you’ve written down as a goal or resolution is actually worthwhile.

He said that unless the endeavor (whatever it is) is outside of your own comfort zone in some way, it’s probably not worth pursuing.

If you’re not willing to struggle to overcome a “fear” or tackle a “blind spot” in your understanding of something or someone… why even bother?

Dang, I hope you for one found this encouraging today.

All I know is that I’ve got a long way to go just to catch up to Barney Fife.

Go figure.

Tom Page, SCN
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