Help wanted. High tech. High risk. – SCN Encourager 2/20/2014

How can we prepare students for jobs like this?

I’m stumped.

Here’s one more example of an honest-to-goodness job that didn’t even exist two years ago.

I can only hope that it’s a fad and that my school district doesn’t apply for some grant that will enable us to fund a “pilot” program for training students in this particular skill.

Unfortunately, I have a pretty good idea who will be the first employee in our district to get re-assigned to the shark tank.

This kind of  “involuntary transfer” could give me nightmares.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.11.54 PM

When I saw this article about sharks sending out tweets as a warning messages to swimmers on the beach, I thought it was a gag.

It seemed so totally unbelievable and farfetched – I quickly dismissed it.

I shouldn’t have.

Here’s the brief article for you to check out.

I can understand how swimmers might appreciate sharks tweeting in their intentions to the shoreline right before they make their appearance.

But dang! Tell me.

Which employees are expected to physically attach all of those tiny tweet-tweet devices to fully grown sharks in the first place?

I’m guessing that it’s the ones who have “other duties as assigned by…” wording in their contracts, that’s who.

So school leaders and communicators, let’s unite on this.

We’re already wearing too many hats and spinning too many plates. Agreed?

Aren’t our teachers already teaching enough “career ready” courses?

So let’s pass on this one.

Even if it is about as 21st century as you can get.

Tom Page, SCN
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