Self-assessments. They’re wonderful. – SCN Encourager 2/21/2014

Even when I adjust for subjective factors (like the truth) I always score well.

In fact – and I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging – if I would’ve been allowed to self-assess my ACT test, I’m confident I would possess an impressive Ivy League resume today.

Maybe I could’ve even been your boss’s boss or someone even bigger.

Anything is possible when you have a pedigree of unparalleled excellence on self-assessments.

I’ve ACED every single one I’ve ever taken.

Granted, there are some self-assessments that I’m smart enough to avoid entirely.

Once in awhile, Cindy will ask me to join her in taking a self-assessment pulled out of one of her women’s magazines.

They usually involve ranking you on some kind of scale to see if you’re affectionate, vulnerable with your feelings, or have properly planned for retirement.

I side-step these traps.

Even when a self-assessment comes to me from a reader of the Encourager, I approach it with caution (like I do powdery packages in my mailbox).

For instance, on Thursday morning, I saw this one in my Twitter feed.

Inc 4 signs

BUT HEY! What do you know?

I scored 4 out of 4.

100%.  A+  Best of show.

(This is the outcome I wanted, right?)

See how you would do on this short INC magazine self-assessment.

And please don’t let my perfect score prevent you from trying.

Give it a go during what I hope will be a great weekend for you.

Tom Page, SCN
carFRI 022114

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