Speedy Kwik and worth the click – SCN Encourager 4/25/2014

It’s an interesting case study for school communicators.

It comes from Drew McLellan, a marketing agency leader in Iowa.
It offers simple and quick tips for effective billboard advertising.
It features a creative campaign interwoven with romance and mystery.

What more could you want on a Friday? (Oh yeah, I forgot about that!)

Here’s the link to Drew’s article.
He gets to the good stuff right away.

And if you’re thinking, “Thanks for nothing, Tom. Who’s got the budget for expensive billboards? How ’bout giving me something that’s actually do-able?”

Well, this is totally do-able – particularly if you have decent chain link fences on your school property located in high traffic areas.

PeterPanThen you only have to pay for your own vinyl banner.

(40″ x 20 feet = approx. $165)

While private businesses and other organizations must follow city and township sign ordinances, school districts with elected school trustees are exempt from the aesthetic-related sign ordinances which have nothing to do with public safety and driving visibility.

Generally speaking, one set of locally elected officials (ex. a city council) cannot make rules and regulations that intrude into the domain governed by another set of locally elected officials (ex. a school board).

In other words, don’t be shy about having some fun with your school’s “fence billboards.”

You don’t have to go out of your way to be a bad neighbor, of course… but when you have an exclusive promotional asset, it’s worth considering how to take advantage of it.

And don’t worry if it takes you some time to get the “hang” of it all.

Not many people have my DIY handyman skills.

I found the tutorials on YouTube on how to use “zip ties” quite helpful.

Hope your weekend is a great one!

Tom Page, SCN
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