How’d this boy get Netflix as his prom date? – SCN Encourager 4/14/2014

Inquiring minds want to know.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.39.22 PMI remember really having to work at the ol’ “dating thing” when I was a teenager.

Arranging all of the stars in the universe to properly align at any particular moment in time never was an easy proposition for me.

There wasn’t email or social media back in my hey day… so it was often just me wrestling with the butterflies in my stomach while trying to dial a prospective date’s phone number on the almond colored phone hanging on the wall in our kitchen. 

It usually was an awful ordeal.

While my mom was actually pretty good about situating herself somewhere else in the house, she was horrible about doing anything about my three younger brothers who always made matters worse in about every way imaginable.

They were always lurking nearby… just barely outside of my punching range.

About the only saving grace for me was that I had done my research about the girl I was calling.

I made it a practice to never even pick up the phone to begin my stammering until at least three of my male friends had confirmed via their girlfriends that there was a high likelihood that the girl (aka the target audience of one) wouldn’t hang up on me right away.

I know that this survey pool of three buddies and their girlfriends didn’t provide a statistically reliable sample, but when I was 16, this was the best inside scoop I could get.

I’m sure historians can show that whole battalions of troops were re-deployed on less information.

As an old married guy now, I had totally forgotten about my sorry attempts at romance back in those early years until I saw this recent article.

Not that my attempts at romance are any less sorry today – as my wife and daughters regularly point out to me with way too much joy and critique.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.24.23 PMBut still – even though this was not in the sports pages or on one of my radio programs – I perked up when I saw the headline about a boy in Illinois who asked a “big brand” to go with him to his prom.

Talk about a unique twist.

And there are many 21st century elements to this story.

You’ll probably catch more of them than I did.

Of course, you’ll have to view the short video that’s included in the article.

My wife and daughters loved it. Fun and romantic.

All I can do is tip my hat… the show-off!

Tom Page, SCN
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