Seth Godin writes and the creatives go wild – SCN Encourager 4/30/2014

You can bank on it happening.

Er… at least he does.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 8.58.51 PMSeth Godin is one of the top marketing minds around.

His blog consistently provokes readers into challenging their assumptions.  “Why do I always communicate like this? How can I be more effective?” 

My wife Cindy said I provoke people even before I turn on the computer.

I took this as a compliment – as this has never been said in reference to Godin.

He deserves extra credit in my book for being able to compose quotes that are so good he can actually display them along with his mugshot.

That’s a pipe dream for me.

As I wrote in yesterday’s Encourager, I learned that thinking up a quote on the speedy-kwik is dang near impossible. It took me about 40 minutes.

And I could never come up with a quote that I’d want to feature alongside my mugshot. (But with zombie mania still running amok, don’t lull yourself into thinking this would never happen…)

But despite my travails on the rocky quote-creation path, I received a number of nice emails in response.
• “Thanks for cool resource. I got my quote finished in two minutes.”
• “I’m working on a flyer for newcomers. Need ideas. What’s Cindy’s number?”
• “How you and Godin can send out daily emails amazes me. Please send me HIS link.”

The surprise of the day came from a notification I received from the website “Little Crunchy.”

They are now following me on Twitter.

No lie.  (Brave souls!)

“Little Crunchy” covers breast feeding, diapers, home birthing, and other related topics.


I grew up in a household with three younger brothers (four younger brothers if you count my dad), and believe me, these topics never came up at home. NEVER!

How did “Little Crunchy” ever discover that I know absolutely nothing about these things?

Like Godin, they sure know how to connect with people committed to lifelong learning.

I’ve already signed up for their $299 summer weekend workshop.

Tom Page, SCN
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