Receive praise everyday. Guaranteed! – SCN Encourager 4/7/2014

Want more than just meeting reminders in your inbox?

I do.

Most emails aren’t all that uplifting.

Throw in those notes about upcoming deadlines, re-prioritized projects, assorted budget tightening guidelines, and those dang reply-backs that tell me I failed to include the actual attachment in my original “Urgent! Read this!” email… and you get the idea.

Sometimes plowing through your inbox isn’t a whole lotta fun.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 12.17.34 PMUNTIL NOW.

Thanks to Captio… I now receive a steady and very sincere stream of “great work!” and “atta boy!” emails everyday… even while I’m sitting in church on Sunday or watching the Tigers.

Of course, you have to overlook the fact that all of these spirit-soaring emails are coming in “TO you, FROM you” (and not from your boss, peers, or family members).

But if this drawback doesn’t bug you (it doesn’t me…), a mountain of personalized confidence-boosters awaits you.

This email-to-yourself smartphone app couldn’t be any easier.

Just type in your note… and you’re one tap away from sending amazing kudos to your inbox speedy-kwik.

Click on the iPhone image above to learn more or visit the iTunes APP Store here.

You’ll see that the app is intended as a quick and simple way to capture ideas and photos and route them into your inbox or your Evernote account.

I guess it probably works fine for this kind of stuff.

I really can’t say.

I only use it to crank out positively worded email SELFIES… and it’s worked every time!

So here’s my tip.

Check out Captio.

Go ahead. Recognize yourself for the super job you do.

Why allow your creativity to be tempered by your integrity?

Tom Page, SCN
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