Stay out of the relationship targeting trap – SCN Encourager 6/11/2014

The unintended consequences are often unseen.

Here’s what I mean.

School communicators understand the value of nurturing meaningful relationships better than most.

The growth and financial health of your district depends upon layers of meaningful relationships.

The significance and frequency of the teachable moments in our schools are fueled by countless meaningful relationships.

And when you’re in the midst of a crisis, dependable meaningful relationships are the salve that provide hope and healing.

We make a mistake when we try to segment and quantify them.

How do I know?

Because I do it all of the time.

I just can’t resist trying to appear smarter than I am.

And who knows?

Perhaps perception can be the bridge to reality.


But it sure is fun to rattle off those relationship-based acronyms, anyway.

B2B = business to business
S2C = school to community
T2S = teacher to student
S2LA = student to listening adult
P2T = principal to teacher
SC2CP = school communicator to cranky parent
P2P = peer to peer / parent to parent

You get the idea.

Somehow I feel comforted by this list.

I like to believe it shows that science supports what we do.

But when push comes to shove and the chips are down (and the clichés are a-flying), I’ll choose faith every time.

And, oh yeah – just in case my superintendent is reading this – I better include a big shout out for grace.

Grace is good.

What meaningful relationship could ever be devoid of this?

But in the myriad of all meaningful relationships we communicate on behalf of our schools, we frequently undersell one of the most important.

And this photo reminded me about it.






L2WoW = learner to world of wonder

There’s no trap in advocating for this relationship.

Only unlimited opportunity.

So don’t run away when a butterfly is about to land on your nose.

That’s something I’d do!

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