There’s great demand for great translators – SCN Encourager 6/13/2014

And no, I’m not talking learning Chinese or Spanish.

Nor am I talking about the universal language of love and romance.

In which the only word I know is ooh-la-la.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.04.16 PMThere’s a new “translation” ability we all must add to our personal list of communication skills to improve upon.

And doing so may even cause a number of us to re-think how we structure our communication strategies.

While this translation skill has absolutely nothing to do with being able to order a beer or ask “where is the bathroom?” in another tongue, in the ever expanding domains of social media, graphic design, video creation, and content marketing, it’s the new King of the Mountain.

It’s called “translating value.”

For school communicators, the ability to “translate value” (as opposed to giving directions, providing details, or bullet pointing highlights) is like being able to hit .330 in baseball, play Vivaldi flawlessly on the violin, or perform your own oil changes on your car.

It’s not something you can do well every time you try.

Consistently translating the value of your schools and district through multiple channels and touchpoints is an elusive undertaking.

But it’s always worth doing what you can to stack the deck in your favor.

And here are two super learning opportunities for you to grow in what you know.

#1 The MSPRA Summer Drive-In Conference:
School Finance Basics –
Everything Your Superintendent Wished You Knew
Wednesday, June 25 (half-day)

#2 SCN’s “Come Smart. Leave Smarter.” Seminar
A half-day seminar with three fun & engaging sessions… all about
YOU… the school communicator.
Friday, June 27

Both learning opportunities will help you become a better “translator of value.”

Check out the two links.

And don’t be fooled by MSPRA’s choice of topic – school finance.

That’$ the universal language of love in our world!

No doubt about it.

No translation required.

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