What will extinguish “selfie mania?” Got a clue? – SCN Encourager 6/18/2014

I just don’t get the fascination.

The only selfies I’ve ever taken were by accident. (aka my bumbling)

And every time it happens, I’m always reminded that selfies are to be avoided.

It doesn’t bother me that my inadvertent self-portraits give me the countenance of a befuddled blanked-faced dodo who’s lost in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

I have a different reason.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.55.59 PMSomehow I just can’t “picture myself” pointing a camera at myself and saying, “cheese.”

Family members tell me that I already talk to myself enough.

So why give them more cause for concern?

But selfies are all the rage, I’ll grant you that.

Even Psychology Today recently ran an article informing selfie aficionados that there is no shame whatsoever attached to their photo-taking preferences.

Oh, brother.

This is probably the last Psychology Today I’ll ever read.

They’ve never defended or rushed in to excuse any of my personal habits or behaviors like they do for the selfie-phobes.

Surprisingly (at least to me) selfies have also infested the world of marketing and communications.

This article is called “Consider Selfies for Social Media Marketing.”

You might like it.

Especially if your attitude toward selfies is better than mine.

As you know, SCN is offering a half-day seminar on June 27 in Lansing.

Selfies are not on the program.

I was chatting last night with Jim Camenga who is co-presenting a ten step “prequel to the planner” video workshop with Holly McCaw.

He was telling me how their session was coming along.

I was impressed… so much so that I deftly tried to change the subject to the selfie phenomenon out of envy.

“Can you believe that some goofball thinks you can build selfies into a marketing campaign?” I blurted. “What a knucklehead idea.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he replied. “There are lots of fun ways schools can use them. Bring it up at the seminar in the Mastermind session.”

“Nah, I don’t think so,” I said, stubbornly clinging to my invisible comfort zone blankie.

“Good,” Jim grinned. “Because if  you don’t, I will.”

Dang it.

Some Mastermind facilitator I turned out to be!

My much rehearsed “contain and control” approach is in now shambles.


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